Marvel’s Avengers Assemble – Guardians and the Space Knights Review

avengers assemble disney xd marvel

Yesterday morning, I woke up and checked my DVR and noticed that a new episode of Disney XD’s Avengers Assemble had recorded. Little did I know that it contained such EPICNESS!!!

When Galactus attacks Earth, Iron Man is able to lead him to another planet but discovers that it is populated and under the protection of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The episode starts as the Avengers (minus Black Widow) are on the AvengeJet, hyper-speeding it back to New York from some mission out in space. Thor and The Hulk are going back and forth with their banter as they were warned to strap in ,because it was going to be a bumpy ride. Of COURSE, neither wanted to be strapped in, as they would be perceive the weakling and well, they ran into turbulence and both stubborn Avengers were on the floor of the Avengejet grabbing on for dear life.

*sidenote* They MUST be Taurus, because goodness, they are BEYOND stubborn */end sidenote*

As they Avengejet arrives in New York the first thing they see is Galactus getting ready to feed on EARTH! Captain America jumps into action telling the Avengers what to do and when Cap tells Tony what to do,Tony informs Cap that he just went along with his Galacatus protocol routine because he didn’t think he’d return again. BUT…since Galactus has returned, Tony being Tony “handles it.” Tony swears he’s Olivia Pope.

Tony with the help of JARVIS manages to speak to Galactus and next thing you know…Galactus has disappeared and Tony Stark is vaporized. Is he dead?

“NAY!” *in my Thor voice*

Falcon found Tony somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. Avengejet hits warp speed yet again to find their stubborn friend, IronMan. When they reach the destination the Avengers are surrounded by ships that are “retreating” and aren’t hostile, but then one ship starts to attack. This ship is different than the ones that are retreating. Shields are down. Comms are down and so are the Avengers. They’re pulled into their tractor beam and Captain America tells the rest of the Avengers to be “ready for anything”. With everyone focused and ready to battle, the Avengers comes face to face with…


After informing the Guardians of what happened, the ship was attacked by someone with power of the Cosmos from Galactus. His HERALD. This herald was attacking the Avengers directly and they figured out that this herald was none other than IRONMAN!

avengers assemble guardians and the space knights

“Odin’s Beard!” That’s my Thor voice once again.

Why in the world is Tony the herald for Galactus? Why is he attacking the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy? One thing for sure is that the Guardians don’t care, they want to save this planet from being destroyed by Galactus so the inhabitants can live there once more and they’ll do it by ANY.MEANS.NECESSARY.

And yes, that means Galactus’ herald, MUST be killed. The Avengers will have no parts in it, so…


avengers assemble guardians and the space knights

Hulk leaps out of the ship and goes after the Guardians, but he’s stopped by. “I AM GROOT”

avengers assemble guardians and the space knights

Star Lord questions if ALL the Avengers have gone mad in which Gamora responds and takes a jab at Star Lord, “well they ARE earthlings.”

avengers assemble guardians and the space knights

Drax insulted Thor called him a Viking and Thor was having NO PARTS of that, so they begin to battle.

avengers assemble guardians and the space knights

On the ground Groot and The Hulk are smashing each other and I MUST Say Groot laid the SMACKDOWN! on The Hulk.

avengers assemble guardians and the space knights

avengers assemble guardians and the space knights

Up in the air Gamora and Hawkeye are going at it, but he’s no match for her at all. Falcon is trying to go after the new herald for Galactus and out of nowhere Rocket Raccoon is on Falcon’s back shooting at Cosmos Ironman.

avengers assemble guardians and the space knights

Back on the ground during the Groot and Hulk dance, Cosmos Ironman saved two ships that were trying to leave the planet that were on a crash collision. Groot and Hulk halt the fighting and both have this dumbfounded look:

avengers assemble guardians and the space knights

I’m pretty sure it was a WTF look, but of course it was an “I Am Groot” look. As Cosmos Ironman started to lift the two ships to safety, Star Lord, Drax and Gamora were believing that Cosmos Ironman were attacking the ships and Captain America told them that he was pretty sure that Tony was SAVING the ships!

avengers assemble guardians and the space knights

This is where Hawkeye comes into play, Gamora and Hawkeye saw an opening to expose Galactus and Gamora gave Clint something to shoot right into that exposed hole. As he went to shoot it, Cosmos Ironman knocked it out of the way, causing Clint to fall. Cosmos Ironman swooped in to save Hawkeye and told him, “Galactus must feed.” Hawkeye, not sure as to WHY the herald of Galactus just saved his life and believed the Tony Stark he knew was somewhere inside, he appealed to Tony’s “human nature.” Then Cosmos Ironman told Clint in his *Tony Stark voice* “Galactus MUST feed!”

Hawkeye told Cap what he thought that Tony is still in there and he has a plan, Cap being semi uncertain asks what percent and Clint goes “60/40”. Hawkeye is unsure if Tony is still in control, BUT, he knows that he just saved his life and Tony always has a plan. Captain America convinces the Guardians to allow Tony to do what he’s doing without interruption. The plan is revealed, eventually. There was too much radiation on the planet and that planet was unstable and would have exploded even if Galactus wasn’t there. Galactus MUST FEED and FEED he did, but he ate entirely too much that he basically was in a food coma. The End. Galactus was defeated.

avengers assemble guardians and the space knights

Tony told them that he couldn’t tell them the plan as he didn’t want Galactus figuring out, but he had faith in the Avengers to put the pieces together. The Guardians and Avengers shook hands and Cap hoped that they can work again in the future.

The special voice guest stars include Seth Green as Rocket Raccoon; Kevin Michael Richardson as Groot; Nika Futterman (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”) as Gamora and Chris Cox (“Family Guy”) as Star-Lord. John DiMaggio (“Futurama”) also voice guest stars as Galactus.

This episode honestly was pretty dope, I haven’t been a fan of the Avengers Assemble episodes, but this one was epic! Check out a few clips from the episode below.

Immediately after watching the episode, I hopped on twitter to let Agent M and Marvel know what I thought about the cartoon and I got an “interesting” response from Agent M.

agent m guardians of the galaxy cartoon

Back in January, I reported that Marvel MIGHT be working on a Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon. Could this response from Agent M be a peak into the vault of Marvel’s secrets?

Did you see this episode? What were your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

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