Squarriors Kickstarter

What would happen if animals suddenly gained the benefit of reason and rational thought in a post-human world? Ash Maczko and Ashley Witter (Also known as” Team Ash”) explore that in their latest project through Devils Due Entertainment.Squarriors Cover

Squarriors” follows the Tin Kin, which is a group of animals that not only have to feed and defend themselves against thousands of other groups of animals, but also must deal with the internal struggle of their savage animal selves. It’s an interesting concept, one I’m very excited to dive into.

One of the most exciting things about “Squarriors” is the extremely realistic and rich artwork Ashley Witter provides for it. “Squarriors” started from a simple print, the artwork was so interesting and vivid people demanded that Team Ash follow-up with a story. Devils Due plans to release the first edition this winter. The problem is that giving people a richly illustrated and creative story isn’t always cheap. So they’ve turned to comic book fans to help them fund it. The more money they raise, the more places they can take “Squarriors”.

I’m always hearing people complain about the lack of creativity and fresh ideas in the comic book world. Well, here’s a fresh idea with talented, passionate, smart and creative people behind it. Let’s help them out! Go to the Squarriors Kickstarter and pledge. As with any Kickstarter campaign, there are various awards, depending on how much you donate, and how much money in total that is raised. This is just a great idea that deserves support.Squarrior Cover

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