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I am a HUGE fan of Devil’s Due Entertainment who has such great books as Mercy Sparxx and the upcoming book, , Squarriors. I was first introduced to Squarriors and Devil’s Due owner/creator Josh Blaylock at SENYC and I was hooked. I’ve been a fan ever since and will do all that I can to assist the Devil’s Due team. So imagine my surprise when I walk onto the floor at Baltimore Comic Con and seeing the devilishly handsome Josh Blaylock.

devil's Due Entertainment Josh Blaylock

I reintroduced myself when I saw Josh at the Devil’s Due Entertainment booth and he said, “I know who you are.” jinkies! Josh thanked me for all the support that has done for the upcoming book Squarriors. It was a no-brainer for me, honestly, warrior squirrels? HELLO! When I asked if Josh was attending NYCC, he said he wasn’t and that currently Devil’s Due Entertainment is currently on a comic convention tour. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Devil’s Due, see the schedule below and hopefully you can make it to one of the Midwest conventions.

9/10: Packrat Comics – Hilliard OH (TODAY) 4PM to 7PM
9/11: Superfly Comics – Springfield OH 4 PM to 7PM
9/19-9/21: Cincinnati Comic Expo ALL WEEKEND w/ Josh Blaylock, K. Lynn Smith, Ashley Marie Witter, & Ash Maczko

I was slightly bummed that Team Ash (Ashley Marie Winter and Ash Mackzo) wasn’t at Baltimore Comic Con, but Josh assured me it was for a good reason, Ashley had a ton of drawing to do for, Squarriors. I’ll allow it. Josh also rubbed it in my face that he read Squarriors and of course it is amazing, but he gifted me with this Tin Kin convention special book…so all is forgiven.

squarriors tin kin convention special cover

In other Devil’s Due Entertainment news:

Devil’s Due Creator Update –
“From the get-go the whole TALES OF MR. RHEE: “Karmageddon” decided that we were going to spoil as little as possible about the book itself, aside from saying it’s both a sequel and a prequel to the first TPB collection. That being said, the advance reviews from critics and fans a like have been unanimously positive — and horrified. If you like good, cerebral horror, make sure you pre-order this title or come snag a copy from me on my massive fall convention tour!”
-Dirk Manning

Tales of Mr Rhee Karmageddon

Tales of Mr. Rhee: Karmageddon #1 hits stores September 24th, but YOU CAN GET IT SOONER – Through the DD Webstore, you can get Tales of Mr. Rhee: Karmageddon #1 starting this Friday! We’re also offering TOMR: Karmageddon #1 for FREE if you order the Tales of Mr. Rhee trade paperback through the DD Webstore from 9/12 to 9/17.

Tales of Mr Rhee Karmageddon issue 1 devil's due entertainment

If you haven’t heard of Devil’s Due Entertainment take some time and check them out, I’m pretty sure you’ll like what you see. I have 10 years of Hack/Slash to catch up on, so if the site isn’t updated you know why. I kid. I kid.

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