What is Marvels Civil War Update Really?

marvels civil war
Earlier this week news broke that something dealing with Marvels Civil War comic was going to be released in the Spring of 2015. The main teaser that I featured below has Iron Man and Captain America pulling at Spider-man in his Iron Spider costume. This news comes on the heels of the reveal about Robert Downey Jr joining the cast of Captain America 3 and that this movie will also take ideas from the Civil War storyline. Most believe that the ad is in reference to a sequel to the original series that debuted back in 2007. The story involved both Cap and Iron man on different sides of a superhero registration act and other heroes either joined up with Cap against the Act or sided with Iron Man who was working with the government and was pro registration.
Teaser for Marvels Civil War
While a new civil war book would fit into current story lines stemming from the Avengers series, and most sites are reporting that this will be a new or sequel book I believe otherwise. Marvel already announced a New Secret Wars event that Jonathan Hickman the current Avengers and New Avengers writer has got planned for the spring of next year. I think this is Marvel’s way of telling us that they are getting back into the animated movie fray. What better way to get people excited about a storyline in one of Marvel’s new movies than with a animated feature that can shed light on the subject. Marvel did something similar to this when they released the Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes Cartoon almost a year before the movie came out. This got a lot of folks who may not have been as familiar with the Avengers interested in the team especially kids who now knew who the black widow, hawkeye and some lesser known Marvel Heroes were. Just look at the promotional picture it uses ideas and themes set up in the original event. If you were going to promote a new event wouldn’t using new images make more sense. I think what we saw was the DVD box cover. Marvel hasn’t had a animated movie out since 2011 and what better way to jump back in the market than with a movie based around one of your company’s biggest events. That will also get the movie treatment the following year. Lets also be honest DC has been dominating in the Animated movie market for years, and now that they are starting to really push for more movies based on their heroes the time is right for Marvel to get back on the home movie front and take a little piece of DC’s cake. Both studios have been trying to gain ground over the other with jockeying for movie dates and trying to get new properties on TV. Marvels Civil War may be just what the company needs to start making traction and start a new series of animated features based on current story lines.

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