Captain America 3: Civil War Means New Cap?

captain america civil war

The next Captain America movie will be Captain America: Civil War. It is set for release on May 6, 2016. Chris Evans will be returning as Captain America, and will be joined by Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, and Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. Civil War was one of the most epic stories ever in comic books, and lead to the death of Captain America.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done a good job of showing how the world has changed around Captain America, and how his ideals don’t really mesh with what is going on in the modern world. This is something that was also happening to Captain America in the comics at the time of Civil War. Steve Rogers was becoming disenchanted with everything that was happening in the world. And, a lot of things had happened to lead Rogers down that path. There was Avengers Disassembled, then House of M, Decimation, and Silent War. These events lead to mistrust between the Avengers and other heroes. Tony Stark is a futurist, who is always trying to make the world a better place. Stark always thinks he knows best. Captain America, however, has more faith in the human spirit, that mankind as a whole should determine their path, and not just a few individuals.

What kicked off the Civil War in the comics was the destruction of Stamford, Ct. by the villain Nitro as he was being chased by the superhero team the New Warriors. After this, the government enacted the Superhuman Registration Act. Iron Man lead the heroes who supported the act, and Captain America lead the heroes who were against the act. Iron Man and SHIELD tried to track down the heroes who wouldn’t register, and Captain America and his heroes did everything they could to keep them free.

Iron Man’s side eventually won, as Captain America surrendered when he realized how much destruction this war between heroes was causing. When Captain America was being led to the courthouse to begin his trial, he was apparently murdered by Crossbones. Of course, no one stays dead in comics, and Steve Rogers wasn’t killed, but was lost in time.

I don’t know if they will destroy a town in the upcoming movie, but a lot of the other groundwork has been laid already. Be it Hydra infiltrating SHIELD, or Tony Stark inadvertently creating Ultron, the world is a changing place, and when people get scared, they desire more control over what is going on around them. So, a Superhero Registration Act would make sense for the MCU. And, due to some leaked footage, we see that the tension is building between Iron Man and Captain America.

The next logical step is Civil War. Black Panther will make his cinematic debut in Captain America: Civil War. I wonder how they will include the Netflix shows as well. Luke Cage had one of the greatest moments in Civil War, and his show should be airing on Netflix by the time Civil War hits the big screen. Will he be included as well? And how about Daredevil? And the rest of the Defenders. We know everything is connected between the big screen and the small screen  when it comes to everything Marvel. And how about Agents of SHIELD? Going to be very interesting in how Agents of SHIELD will lead into Civil War. They did a good job of letting Agents of SHIELD leading into Winter Soldier, so I can wait to see what they do this time around.

The biggest elephant in the room, however, is the death of Captain America, and who will replace him. In the comics, at the end of the Civil War, Steve Rogers is killed, and Bucky Barnes(The Winter Soldier) took over as Captain America until Steve Rogers returned. Right now, we have Sam Wilson(The Falcon) taking over for Steve Rogers as Captain America in the comics.  So, will they kill Steve Rogers in the MCU, and let Winter Soldier or Falcon take over for him? Or, will he survive the Civil War, and another hero will die in his place? Depending on what they have planned for Robert Downey Jr, there is a chance he may die in Civil War, and Steve Rogers will survive. I don’t see that happening. Chris Evans contract will be up, and he has hinted before that he will be ready for a break from acting after the next Captain America movie. That means he might not have it in him to be in the next two Avengers movies. And, Robert Downey Jr seems to really love being Iron Man/Tony Stark. And, there are two ready replacements for Captain America in the MCU. So, seems Steve Rogers demise will be upon us at the end of Captain America 3.

So, as the tag line leading into Civil War the comic event stated, whose side will you be on? Captain America’s side or Iron Man’s side. At the time I was rooting for Captain America’s side. And I think I will still be on Captain America’s side his time around as well.

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