All-New Captain America #1 Review

All-New Captain America #1

All-New Captain America #1 written by Rick Remender and drawn by Stuart Immonen came out this week.This was our first book of Sam Wilson as Captain America. It had some highs and lows, but overall was a good introduction of a new Captain America.

In the previous Captain America series, Steve Rogers was de-powered by the Iron Nail. This aged Rogers and made him incapable of being Captain America. After the Falcon(Sam Wilson), helped defeat Arnim Zola and stop┬áZola’s attack on New York, Rogers appointed Falcon as the new Captain America.

One of Wilson’s first missions as Captain America was to infiltrate a Hydra base with the help of Ian Rogers, Steve Rogers adopted son. Ian goes by the codename Nomad. The two of them infiltrate the base, save a kid who Hydra had been taking advantage of, and try to make their escape. They think they have escaped, but they run right into a group of classic Captain America villains, led by Baron Zemo.

For a first issue, this was pretty good. We got a little recap of what happened before, and what made Sam Wilson a good choice to become the new Captain America. We got a small taste of what Steve Rogers role will be for Wilson, as Rogers coordinated the attack for the new Captain America and Nomad. We got a good early taste for what Nomad’s and Captain America’s relationship will be like. There was definitely some tension on Nomad’s end. He doesn’t understand why Wilson was picked over him to become the new Captain America. It will be interesting to watch that whole dynamic play out.

This issue was action packed. We see Sam use the shield in battle, and how he will incorporate it into his fighting style. It was actually pretty awesome to see him use the shield as he was flying around.

Remender wasn’t too cute with his writing for this first issue. Sometimes he can be a little grandiose with his writing, and makes things too complicated. There wasn’t any of that this issue, and I just hope it stays that way. Immonen art is a home run. The action and fight scenes come alive. It is a style that really fits Captain America.

I am looking forward to the next issue and whatever Remender has next for us as far as Captain America goes. I was a little hesitant when they announced Sam Wilson as Captain America. Sometime in these situations, they can be a little heavy-handed with the symbolism and race issues. So far, there was none of that. Hopefully, it will stay that way and just concentrate of Wilson being a hero and stepping into the shoes of Marvel’s biggest hero.

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