Rosarium Publishing’s Artists Against Police Brutality Anthology to Be Released on October 28th


On October 28th, the Artists Against Police Brutality anthology will be released via Rosarium Publishing. The price is $17.95 and will be available in print as well as digital, with the proceeds going to the Innocence Project.

Here’s a few words from Bill Rosarium on Artists Against Police Brutality.

Sometimes, as a human being, you just feel like you have to do something. That was the way I felt after the Staten Island grand jury decided that the police officers responsible for Eric Garner’s death would not stand trial. I ranted and raved and suddenly realized I was a publisher. I called up John Jennings and Jason Rodriguez, who are not only part of the Rosarium family but have also edited a number of anthologies. That is how APB: Artists against Police Brutality was born.

Now, some months later, I wish I could say that the moment for such an anthology has already passed. But, as we have discovered, much to our own regret, that every day there is a new incident (sometimes resulting in a new submission before this anthology goes to print), every day the pertinence of such a project can be seen everywhere.

APB is a collection of comic strips and pin-ups, some flash fiction, and a few essays from artists, writers, and academics all across the country. All speak to different facets and offer up different interpretations of the police brutality debate. It was not assembled in the hopes of somehow changing the world; sometimes, artists just have to do something. This charity comics anthology (the proceeds go to the Innocence Project) is the end result of these talented people’s anger and frustration and concern and love for their fellow human beings.

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