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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Amwell and MomTrends. The doctors visit is real and all opinions are my own.

Depression. Anxiety. PTSD. Paranoia. OCD. I suffer from all of these mental health illnesses and a few more. I’ve made no attempt to hide these issues, in fact, I speak on my struggles here, as well as on my Twitter account. These past few weeks I have been in such a deep, dark hole of depression that I didn’t care if I climbed out of it or not. To be completely honest, I’m writing this post to you all under my covers.


I also know that I am not alone. There are many of you, readers or followers, who are suffering from a mental health illness in some form or another. Some have shared with me that you are suffering from depression and others have told me that they can’t afford a psychiatrist/therapist.

I actually have a solution to that problem. Amwell is the nation’s largest telehealth company, connecting users with board-certified, licensed doctors, dieticians and psychologists for immediate and live, online visits—day or night, on either mobile or desktop. Yep, you read that right. Take out your laptop, iPad, iPhone, tablet, Android, and get in touch with a doctor, psychologist or dietician AND it’s HIPAA compliant!!

Don’t worry, you won’t be dealing with a doctor who has only a year or two “on the job”, the Doctors on Amwell are board certified, with an average of 15 years in practice. No appointment is needed, they’re available 24/7.

Well, Vixen how much is it?


I kid. I kid.

According to the Healthcare Blue Book, first time patients have to shell out $82, with Amwell, it’s only $49 for each physician visit. I’m not a huge mathematician, but you’re saving a pretty penny. Their counselors and psychologists cost a bit more. Counselors are $79 and psychologists are $95.


Have insurance? No problem. Amwell is accepted by many major insurers, with more added every day. Just enter your health insurance information for a lower cost visit.

Not only can you get help for depression and anxiety, you can also use Amwell for any of these typical issues:

• Bronchitis

• Cough

• Sinus infection

• Sore throat

• Urinary tract infection

• Vomiting

• Diarrhea

• Fever

• Pinkeye

• Flu

• Sprains and strains

• Cold

• Respiratory infection

• Headache

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Weight concerns

• Smoking cessation

So, how does it work?

Just choose the type of visit you are looking for and select a provider. Depending on the issue at hand, the Doctor can diagnose, suggest follow up, and prescribe, when appropriate. Yes, PRESCRIPTIONS! Amwell Doctor visits are now available in 46 states.

Did I mention that you can use Amwell for your children, as well as yourself? Did your little one get sick at night and your Doctor’s office is closed? Don’t worry and nix the ER visit. Grab your laptop, tablet or phone and contact one of the Amwell Doctors.

Since you are loyal readers and followers, I’m offering YOUR FIRST AMWELL VISIT FREE!


Stop using WebMD and Twitter to diagnose yourself, get out of paranoia mode, and contact one of the Doctors on Amwell. <---- click that link and USE CODE: BEWELL6 to get your first Amwell visit on VixenVarsity. Don’t keep it all to yourself, spread the word about Amwell Doctors. I’m pretty sure you know plenty of people who’d like to see a Doctor from the comfort of their homes.

Happy Holidays from Vixen Varsity!!! Don’t say I never gave ya anything.


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