WT*Bleep*: Man Chopped Off and Flushed Wife’s Side Piece Penis Down Toilet


It’s definitely not just women who cut off men’s penises.

24-year-old Tokyo resident and boxer, Ikki Kotsugai, went into the office of the lawyer who was sleeping with his wife and beat the crap out of him. While the lawyer was half-unconscious, Kotsugai yanked down the lawyer’s pants, grabbed garden shears, chopped off his penis, and flushed it down the toilet.

Kotsugai was arrested shortly after the attack, the lawyer’s injuries were not life-threatening and is recuperating in the hospital.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to just divorce your wife, because that sounds exhausting.

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Man Covered With 29 Miley Cyrus Tattoos is Sad Because Miley Called Them Ugly


Listen, I’m ALL for tattoos (I have a couple myself), but 29 tattoos of Miley Cyrus’ mug and song lyrics is a bit too much.

Meet Carl McCold, a 42-year-old father of 3 (yes, one is named Miley), from Bridlington, East Yorkshire, and obsessed Miley Cyrus fan. McCold has TWENTY-NINE Miley Cyrus tattoos, because…OBSESSED.


McCold is currently in his feelings because his idol, Miley Cyrus, said his tattoos were ugly in an interview. “There’s a dude that holds a record of the most pictures of my face, he has like 18 pictures of my face and they’re really ugly.”


Get this, not only did Miley say McCold’s tats were ugly, she also blocked him on Twitter!


McCold’s first tattoo was in 2010 after divorcing his wife and rapidly became an obsession. 5 years, 29 tattoos, and hurt feelings later, McCold has decided to get his $5,000 worth of Miley tats removed from his body. McCold tells the DailyMirror he’s only regretting them now, I never thought about it too much, but they have had a psychological affect on me.

He hopes that him removing some of his tattoos will land him a lady. McCold will be getting his 3 portrait tattoos removed which will absolutely run his pockets more than what he spent on the tattoos in the first place.



Moral of this story kids? Don’t put Miley Cyrus on your body, especially ugly Miley Cyrus tats.

What’s Up With the Lack of Support In The Blerd Community?

Black Hands Making a Circle Together

Let’s have a chat, shall we?

From current events to smaller conversations online, the subject of support has been on my mind a lot. Specifically, support in the blerd community. Because let’s be frank – when it comes to being there for each other, we still have a long way to go.

I’ve been blogging for such a short time compared to some more well-known names out there, but does that truly negate what I’m proposing? If anything, this proves my point. Communities are not monolythic, and when we begin to assume such, that will be the beginning of our downfall.

Blogging is such a terrifying, thrilling, yet easy thing to do online. We can instantly connect with others and share our thoughts at the click of a button. But what good does that do when our support for others doing the same – even within our own niches – can only be uplifted and co-signed by more well-known names on specific terms and conditions?

I believe that part of the reason we have lost our way a bit is because we have forgotten that feeling of newness and drive that allowed us to flock to blogging in our niches to even start with. We wanted to feel part of something bigger than ourselves. We wanted to have our voices heard by others, to connect with those who would understand our struggles and would cheer onto our own with “me, too”. Somewhere along the way, some of that was lost – to be replaced with sponsorships and competition for who has more views on their site. Instead of these things becoming a platform to further the unity of marginalized bloggers, it became a criteria for us to judge and alienate one another.

None of us can prosper without the support of others. When one of us “makes” it, that then becomes an opportunity to bring others along into the spotlight as well. With Blerd blogging, we have the collective experience of knowing what rejection feels like – as Black people, or as creators and fans of the weird and unusual, or simply as being “different”.

We all have different experiences, world views, and opinions from each other. Even if we are all part of the same community, we can’t assume for one representative (or a handful) to do well enough for all of us. Mainstream media has shown us, time and time again, that tokenization is the answer to fighting against the unknown. We are threatened by what we do not know, instead of seeing it as an opportunity for growth and positive collaboration. There are too few of us against a larger mission of visibility to bring each other down.

I propose that we start something new – that we shift back into the uplifting, more unifying blogging that we started out with. The kind of shift that got us interested in the niche to begin with. I challenge all of you to rid yourselves of the cliques and the subtle shade online. I challenge you all to find an obscure or novice Black creative to share with the world, with no agenda other than bringing more eyes onto the work of someone you think is amazing and committed. When we go to conventions or events, make an effort to build spaces that welcome everyone in the blerd community. Support others that are doing good work – in digitally sharing their work, or being present at these events. And finally, I challenge you all to see that we are bigger and more diverse and more powerful than we are giving ourselves credit for. As we work to better serve the community, we becomes better, as well.

Don’t we owe it to ourselves to bring the best of what we can offer out into the world?

Florida Mother Now Fugitive Over Not Wanting Son Circumcised


Florida mother, Heather Hironimus has been in a long drawn out battle with her ex over getting her son circumcised. Her ex won the battle and the Judge presiding over the case had ordered Hironimus to turn over her 4 year old son, Chase, on Tuesday. Hironimus didn’t show up for court, so the judge placed a warrant for her arrest.

Hironimus’ attorney claimed that Chase was “terrified” to undergo the procedure and Hironimus checked into an undisclosed domestic violence crisis shelter to protect him. Her attorney is requesting that a mental evaluation be done on Chase to see if he’s mentally and emotionally capable of enduring a circumcision.

Heather Hironimus is now a FUGITIVE because she chose to not have her son circumcised.

wait what gif

Source: WPBF.com

Wife Pleads With Court for Divorce; Her Husband’s Penis is too Big!


Don’t want no short short man!

It’s the Lord’s day and I came across this article that I just had to share. A Nigerian woman wants to divorce her husband because she can’t handle his schlong. Aisha Dannupawa, asked the court to dissolve her one-week marriage to her husband, Ali Maizinari. Dannupawa was married before and has three children, but apparently Maizinari’s manhood was way too much for her to accommodate.

Dannupawa told the court, when he came, we had sex but the experience was a nightmare. Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else because his penis was too big. Not wanting to give up, she told her mother about the issue and her mother gave her medication. I told my mother the experience but she told me to endure and that with time, I will be able to cope. She then gave me some drugs. Two days later, the sexually frustrated couple tried again to no avail, she told the court the sex is ‘too much to bear’ and they decided that there were no drugs to help Dannupawa.

Maizinari, did not deny what his wife said. He told the court that he was willing to divorce her but that she should pay back the dowry and all that he spent on her during the courtship.

The court eventually granted the couple the divorce.

Guess Dannuapawa wanted a short short man, unlike Gillette.

Source: Nigeria Tribune