Below are the “courses” that can be “taken” here at VixenVarsityUniversity.

Cosmetology -Professor K_Ashanti

Cosmetology class will feature beauty products: makeup, nail polish, designs, hair products and how-to guides.

Culinary Arts- Professors ReLLyReLL and MizCaramelVixen

This class teaches you how to cook various dinners or deserts. The recipe will be listed along with pictures that the Professors have taken while cooking.

Drama Club- All Professors

Anything related to entertainment: music, tv reviews, etc.

Gaming 101- Professor Steve Jerkal

Is your motto “I am a GAMER, Gaming is my LIFE!”? Then this is the course for you, Professor Jerkal’s passion is in gaming. Pause your game and check out what he has to offer.

Hip Hop Culture- Professor NoMercyHarlem

NoMercyHarlem specializes in Battle Rap and hosts Battle Rap events in the NYC area.

Human Sexuality – Professor B Love and MizCaramelVixen

This course speaks for itself, right?

Nergy- Professor BeauxKnows and MizCaramelVixen

Nergy aka NerdOrgy consists of EVERYTHING techie and geeky! Comics, App reviews, Latest electronic toy, Sci-Fi movies, etc.

Physical Education – Professor Beauxknows, Professor B Love and Professor NFLChick

Phys Ed will keep you up to date on Sports and give tips on fitness and health.

Psychology- Professor B Love and MizCaramelVixen 

This Psychology class will focus on mental health issues: Panic attacks, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers and others mental health concerns. Feel Free to ask any questions.

Social Psychology – All Professors

Anything social media related. Funny, WTH pics, funny vines, Instagram, etc

Sociology- Professor MizCaramelVixen

This Sociology course is none other that relationships (family, significant others, friends). In this “Sociology” class you can ask for advice and I will answer how *I* feel. Please understand that if you do NOT have thick skin, you might not want to ask a question.

Theater- All Professors

Theater is a subdivision of entertainment that will include movie reviews, trailers, netflix picks and more.

There will be more “courses” added to the “curriculum” as time goes by. Enjoy these classes, comment AND share the link with your friends!

With that said….



****Our “Professors” has knowledge on all courses and may write topics on them, our “professors” aren’t “typecast”


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