Take Out a Loan for this Batman-DNA Watch from Romain Jerome

romain jerome batman watches

We’ve been celebrating Batman 75 this year and for his 75th The Dark Knight has a new watch, courtesy of Romain Jerome.

Introducing a new legend to its Collaborations collection, RJ-Romain Jerome pays tribute to Gotham City’s Super Hero with a timepiece inspired by the Dark Knight: the Batman-DNA. Gotham City’s vigilante, Batman has become an international cultural icon characterized by his strength, intellect and will to fight evil. Batman is an enigmatic Super Hero who does not sport any super powers but relies on science, technology and his superior intellect to assuage his war against crime. First appearing in the comic book Detective Comics #27 featuring artwork by artist Bob Kane and a script by Bill Finger, Batman has evolved throughout the years, forging his double identity along the way.

RJ-Romain Jerome and Warner Bros. Consumer Products introduce the watch brand’s first Super Hero timepiece: the Batman-DNA. This exciting new collaboration puts forth one of today’s most recognized Super Heroes who is only human. It is this aspect of Batman’s personality that attracted Manuel Emch, CEO of RJ Watches: “I have always been a fan of Batman, his mysterious character and double identity is an exhaustible source of inspiration. He represents a duality between good and evil in a contemporary world.”

Romain Jerome Batman DNA Watch

Inspired by Batman’s heroic personality, the aesthetics of the timepiece are an acknowledgment to the fantastic world that has been built around his character. Housed in a 46 mm black PVD-coated steel case, the black bezel has been machine-worked to showcase the bold and singular facets, recalling the angular contours of the “Batmobile.” The dial of the Batman-DNA mirrors the Gotham City Super Hero’s personality – raw, yet sophisticated. An eye-catching Batman emblem applique, lacquered in black, is placed at the center of the dial. The legendary “Bat-Signal”, shines at night thanks to an engraving, filled with black Superluminova, which outlines the hero’s famous symbol. The rest of the dial has undergone RJ-Romain Jerome’s special “rough” finish, giving the watch a dark and edgy look.

Romain Jerome Batman DNA Watch

The RJ logo applique is placed at 12 o’clock, allowing each detail of the dial to stand out and amaze the wearer each time he looks at the watch. A black Hornback crocodile strap has also been added to the timepiece, resembling Batman’s avant-garde leather gear.

Additionally, an engraving of the Batman emblem can be found on the back of each watch, placed on a “rough” finished medallion, accentuating the darkness of the timepiece.

Romain Jerome Batman DNA Watch

Limited to 75 pieces, the Batman-DNA celebrates the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary. After seven and a half decades of entertaining fans through comic books and films, Gotham City’s Super Hero is now a piece of wearable art on the wrist!

The price tag for this amazing watch won’t set you back if you’re Bruce Wayne, but if you have $18,500 this watch can be all yours. If you’re like me and can probably afford a swatch watch, I suggest not watching the video of the Batman DNA watch, because it’s amazing and you’re going to end out taking a loan for this bad boy here.

Can anyone loan me $18,499? I’ve got the $1!

Source: WatchTime

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Meet Jim Lee and Scott Snyder at Apple Store in Soho; Batman 75

batman zero year dark city

Press Release

Bestselling Writer Joins DC Entertainment Co-Publisher And Acclaimed Artist In Honor Of Batman’s 75th Anniversary and the Release of BATMAN VOL. 5: ZERO YEAR – DARK CITY With Fascinating Panel Discussion.

Commemorate Batman’s return to Gotham on Wednesday, October 8th at 7pm, when critically-acclaimed writer Scott Snyder and DC Entertainment Co-Publisher and artist Jim Lee visit the Apple Store, SoHo to celebrate the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary, as well as the publication of the new graphic novel collection BATMAN VOL. 5: ZERO YEAR – DARK CITY. Beginning at 7pm, the Meet the Authors event will include a must-see discussion on the lasting cultural influence of The Dark Knight moderated by Grantland writer David Shoemaker.

Taking place the evening before New York Comic-Con 2014, the event will not only mark the release of Snyder’s BATMAN #35, but also the highly anticipated BATMAN VOL. 5: ZERO YEAR – DARK CITY. This graphic novel, the newest collection from the #1 New York Times best-selling creative team of Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, finishes the epic ZERO YEAR storyline, a bold new take on the Dark Knight’s origin.

Apple Store, SoHo (103 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012)

Source: DC Comics

A&E’s Epic Ink Features Batman 75th Anniversary Segment Tonight

batman 75

According to A&E’s tv listing, there will be a Batman 75 tattoo segment on their show, Epic Ink, tonight at 10:30.

In honor of Batman’s 75th Anniversary, Chris Jones inks a huge fan with a hyper-real tribute to the Dark Knight. Then Chris 51 brings T-Rex out of extinction for a Jurassic Park fanatic. Meanwhile, Heather tattoos a squirmy girl’s favorite video game into a beautifully designed half sleeve… in one day! And later on, Josh and Chris Jones team up to take a famous historical duel from the past and beam it into the future.

I absolutely LOVE tattoos of comic book characters. I have my own Wonder Woman tattoo on my right arm, I can’t wait to see what this huge fan is going to get. Do you have a tattoo from your favorite comic book character? I’d love to see it and feature it on the site.

death of superman tattoo

This by far is my FAVORITE superhero tattoo.

Tune in to A&E to see the Batman 75 anniversary tattoo at 10:30

Things To Do In NYC Today: Check Out Scott Snyder In Bryant Park

Scott Snyder

VixenVarsity’s top 5 comic book writer, Scott Snyder will be in Bryant Park in NYC at 12:30pm today.

From the iconic Bat-Family to the heroes and super-villains we all know and love, a 75th birthday salute to Batman with one of comics’ best young writers Scott Snyder (author of the first five volumes of Batman: The New 52). In conversation with John Cunningham, VP Marketing at DC Entertainment.

Not only is Scott Snyder talking about Batman, he’s also doing some signing afterwards.

If you’re free stop by! My schedule is super tight today, but I’m going to try my damndest to make it!