Preview of Paul Tobin’s Colder: The Bad Seed

Colder The Bad Seed

Last month, Josh Williamson (NailBiter) tweeted this gruesome cover and it immediately piqued my interest. Colder: The Bad Seed is written by Paul Tobin with artist Juan Ferreyra. A few tweets back and forth from writer Paul Tobin had me sold on this book. There’s something about a horror comic book that speaks to my inner demons spirit and I HAVE to purchase them the day it arrives.

Earlier this month during New York Comic Con, I made my way to the Dark Horse booth where Paul Tobin was signing. After introducing myself to him (he remembered our twitter convo; bonus points.) we spoke about Colder, little did I know that there was a previous book which was Eisner-nominated! Of course I picked up Colder and Paul was nice enough to sign it for me. He told me that Colder: The Bad Seed IS a must have. Now while the book doesn’t come out until Wednesday, the 22nd, if you scroll down some I have a little preview for you.


Life goes on for Declan Thomas after his deadly encounter with the psychotic Nimble Jack, but Declan’s strange powers continue to develop, offering him a profound connection with the nature of insanity. Little does he know that the malevolent Swivel wishes to pick up where Nimble Jack left off!

Colder The Bad Seed

Colder The Bad Seed

Colder The Bad Seed

Colder The Bad Seed

Colder The Bad Seed

SICK! Isn’t it? While Declan may not know who the man in the hat is, you can bet your last dollar Mr. Fingernose knows about Declan. Tell me you peeped the man in the hat has a freaking FINGERNOSE!! Juan Ferreyra’s artwork throughout the book is exactly what nightmares are made of. Don’t judge me when I tell you that I had to look away from the book a few times. My stomach turned into a washing machine with how much it was turning. I even dry-heaved a little. It’s a strong possibility that I will have to sleep with the light on and I’m okay with that.

I don’t even want to drink milk anymore because of Colder: The Bad Seed. I welcome osteoporosis. And Lice. Yep, I welcome lice. If horror is your thing, pick up this book, you will NOT be disappointed. Now, you might be a little startled, but as long as you don’t judge me, I won’t judge you.

Colder: The Bad Seed will be at your local comic book store on October 22nd and available for purchase on DarkHorse.

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VixenVarsity Interviews Squarriors Creators TeamAsh


Last week ProfessorBLove and Dean Vixen interviewed the creative team behind the upcoming comic Squarriors, Ash Mackzo (AM) and Ashley Marie Witter (AMW)

team ash squarriors

Dean Vixen: Congrats on the success and reaching your kickstarter goal! How in the heck does it feel?

AM: I’m in awe of the support we got for a unproven comic series. I hit the refresh button over 100 times a day/night. It feels good that we cleared the goal. But now I want more. I want to get #2 on track.

DV: I know you probably get tired of answering this question, but sorry I have to go there. What’s with the squirrels? I’m sort of petrified by those critters.

AM: I love squirrels, I think they get a bad wrap actually but, in general, I just love animals. I am fascinated by the epic world they live in.

DV: I had one in my house and I screamed like I was being murdered by Freddy Kruger. Haven’t been a fan…til now. Now they’re getting a different kind of wrap in Squarriors.

AM: Yeah, I wouldn’t necessarily want them running around in my house. I wouldnt mind a pet squirrel… I used to have a raccoon.

AMW: I totally want squirrels in our house…I’m just going to open a window or three and start feeding them…they can model for me.

AM: I think it would be cool if people started looking at squirrels as something cool… “look at that squarrior!” instead of just thinking of them as rodent pests.

DV: Ashley you are amazing, it’s definitely what drew me in. It’s so hypnotizing. This huge squirrel who is striking fear into me. I was sold. You have these two tribes, Tin Kin vs Maw. So dangerous so bloody.

AMW: I wanted to challenge myself artistically with Squarriors (cause it’s personal to me) But a lot of it was about capturing Ash’s story.

AM: The animals in Squarriors are just normal sized… not man-sized. They are still small little creatures, living in a post-human world. living among massive artifacts left behind by man.

ProfessorBLove: Everything is done from our perspective.

AM: Exactly. think of what a cat really is to a little field mouse…. this massive, unstoppable monster. a blood thirsty predator… scary. Imagine the possibilities of a commune of small animals living in a decaying skyscraper. Just that one building would be an entire universe to explore.

PBL: Does the condition we leave the world in play a part in the story?

AM: Yes. Not so much as a ecological problem, but a technological mystery.

PBL: So what we left behind isn’t something the animals really understand.

AM: Exactly. Where Squarriors starts is just 10 years after humans left, so there is a decade of animal history, but its the start of a new civilization. Imagine if man just appeared on a planet… as primitive beings, but in a world of dead futuristic technology. They are developing fast… animals have shorter generational gaps (in general) so we are using that. I wanted to have my story arcs in place for the first year of stories (their year, 4 seasons – 4 issues per season = 16 issues). They aren’t finished in terms of dialog or anything… but the acts are there. the changes… the problems.. the epic battles. Issue #1 is 32 pages. The rest of the issues for that series will be around 26 pages each.

As far as their writing and artistic style influences, Ash Mackzo says he has some favorite books that might be influential, whereas artistically, Ashley Marie Witter wanted to see interior art in comics that look like classical paintings. She credits her art college teachers, Chris Gargan, Ed Binkley, John Ribble, and Mark A. Nelson for showing her this vast world of art. Oh and “Divinci is my dude!”

Ash tells us briefly how they hooked up with Devil’s Due. Apparently Josh from Devil’s Due started emailing them 2 years ago wanting Squarriors. It took Ash a while to be convinced they were the right publisher, turns out they were.

We fired a few random questions to Team Ash: Any comic books holding your attention? What’s on your music playlist and which comic con will we be seeing you at next?

AMW: Squarriors and Bloodthirsty.

AM: I’ll be honest,.. I don’t read comic books. I’ve always loved the idea of what comic books could do/be. but I never find anything that I truly love. The last series that I LOVED was The Crow by James O’Barr. Playlist: Lana Del Rey, Local H, Cracker, MGMT, and Stryper. We’d love to be at NYCC, maybe that’ll be the stretch goal!!

Ash tells us that he did the soundtrack for the Squarriors video, but unfortunately they didn’t use much of it. He always pictured over-the-top Squarriors movie intros set to The Way by Stryper. “Ridiculously epic.” He sent us a mp3 of the soundtrack, SO AWESOME! TEAMASH #1!!!

If you haven’t pledged to this awesome Squarriors kickstarter project click the link and check it out! Hello..WARRIOR SQUIRRELS!!!


New Comic Book Day 1/8/2013

Another Wednesday means more new comics. It’s the day that helps me get thru the week. I got four books this week, and they pretty much cover all the bases of what’s out there in comics right now.

20140108-220357.jpgI got issue four(of six) of Forever Evil Arkham War. This is the battle for Gotham between Batman’s rogues gallery. It basically pits Bane against everyone else, with Penguin playing both sides of the coin. Really interesting story.

20140108-220852.jpgThis is part five of the All Out War storyline of The Walking Dead. There has been A LOT of buildup to this story line, and so far Kirkman hasn’t disappointed. The story is a little slow, but still engaging.

20140108-221323.jpgThis is the final issue of Daredevil Dark Nights. This has been a really good collection of stories that don’t impact continuity, but are still really good. I have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of this mini series.

20140108-221611.jpgIron Man has been a crazy book, I have enjoyed it, but there have been a ton of twists and turns. It has kept me interested in a character that I have never really cared for in the past, so that’s a very good thing. I am looking forward to see what they do next.

Well, that’s it for my books this week. After I read them, I will post my book of the week. Until then, laters