Missy Elliott Reveals Her New Look, 30lb Weight Loss; Insanity Workouts

Missy Elliott took to the stage at an Alexander Wang event for HM and showed off her amazing 30lbs weight loss.

Would You Buy An Affordable Wedding Dress From…H&M?


H&M debuted it’s first wedding dress that costs less than $100. A simple white floor length and sleeveless gown. This wedding dress is set to go online and in stores later this month.


This dress is $99, so my question to you ladies, would you buy this as your wedding dress? What are your thoughts? I personally wouldn’t be interested in wearing the same gown that everyone is going to buy. It’s an inexpensive dress, so those who can’t afford something expensive will surely pick this up. Think of it as the prom and someone is wearing the SAME EXACT DRESS as you. It’s embarrassing. How do I know? 2 other girls wore the same dress I did at my prom a hundred years ago. SMH.

Now of course you won’t be getting married at the same time with someone else, BUT knowing the chance that a few hundred women will have the same exact gown as you is kind of “eh.” Just takes away from the special moment. Now I am in no way shape or form telling you that a $1000+ gown is better, all I’m saying is that the cheaper it is, more folks are prone to buy whatever IT is.

My suggestion, wait for the Filene’s basement running of the brides sale and fight to get the dress of your dreams at a cheap price.