Missy Elliott Reveals Her New Look, 30lb Weight Loss; Insanity Workouts

Missy Elliott took to the stage at an Alexander Wang event for HM and showed off her amazing 30lbs weight loss.

Day 1 Of My Weight Loss Journey

weight gain drugs

As I’ve discussed on here, I suffer from several mental illnesses and I take medication. While the medication helps me live as sanely as possible, there are drawbacks. Many I can deal with; dry mouth, constipation, drowsiness, insomnia the one that I hate most is the weight gain. Since I have been on medication, over a year now, I have gained too much weight. My psychiatrist changed one of my meds to help with that and I ended up suffering an allergic reaction I was in the hospital for a while. So, there went that. I had given up on any hopes of me losing any kind of weight and of course depression kicked in. I’m an emotional eater, so I’m sure you can do the math.

Today I decided I don’t want to just “accept the fact” that these meds put weight on me, I want to do something about it. So I did. I got dressed and I walked. My nephew came with me and we walked. He plays football in college and said he’ll walk and train me. I had to remind him I’m not playing football and I’m a gazillion years old, so don’t get too crazy. As I’m writing this the sweat is traveling down my face. I walked 1.2 miles. It might not mean much to you, but to ME…it’s an amazing feeling. I plan on walking every single day.

Nike + app for running

Nike + Running

I opened the above app that Professor BeauxKnows reviewed Nike + Running and went on my little trek. 22 minutes later and:

day 1 walking weight loss journey

Since I’m going to be writing, I decided that I’m going to take you on my journey. Along with walking, I plan on using my trampoline and try my best to watch what I eat. I haven’t decided if I’m going to post pictures of me throughout the month along with my weight, but everything else will be here every day for you all to read. Maybe this might motivate someone, maybe not, but I’m beyond motivated and I plan on getting this weight off of me. End of June, my goal is to run. *fingers crossed*

This is day 1 of my weight loss journey!!!

New Year…New You


I hear and read the same thing over and over and over again from people, every single end of the year. Oh, it’s a new year and I’m going to do this, that and the third. Every. Single. Year. Crazy thing is, nothing has changed for majority of folks. You’re stagnant and before you know it, it’s June. Half of the year is gone, now what? Push it off until the following year?

“If you have to wait until the new year comes to start something, then you really don’t want it to begin with.” -Me (this was one of my tweets on 12/28)

Our 3rd President Of The United States, Thomas Jefferson, said “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”

Is it procrastination, that we wait until the new year to do something that we wanted to do a year or so ago? Lack of motivation? I wonder what it is. I am SOOOOO not exempt from this. I know I am a HUGE procrastinator, I could blame it on being an Aquarius because I will wait for the last second to get anything done.


Basically, this list can keep on going, like the “Song That Doesn’t End” but I won’t subject you to all of that.

What I’m trying to convey here is, don’t let the new year coming up, depict on when you plan to start changing WHATEVER it is in your life. Whether it’s

-Weight loss
-Spending time with family
-Becoming a better organizer
-Starting on that 5 year plan

Start it NOW. TODAY.


The only thing that’s holding you back is yourself. Just let go and begin your journey. It WILL have it’s ups and downs, but it will be YOUR journey. A journey that YOU began. And that right there, is what should motivate you into doing it NOW. No one knows where and when their journey’s will end, but getting on that road and taking that first step, will eventually lead you somewhere.

It’s STILL 2013 (altho, by the time you read this it’ll be 2014) start your journey, TODAY!