Top 13 Free Alternatives Sites Like SolarMovie To Watch Free Movies Online

Your search for Best SolarMovie Alternatives ends here. As you know, searching for a picture perfect streaming website is a very tedious task. And many of the users don’t know how to find websites like, we will be narrowing down a list of best movies sites like Top Free Sites Like SolarMovie. 

The best thing about these websites is; using these websites, you can easily watch and enjoy your favourite movies and series online without any interruption. 

Also note that some of these sites are totally free of cost and some other are not. You might need a paid subscription in order to watch videos on some of the websites, but as you know, you can always alter websites as per your choice. 

So, without any further ado, let’s roll to our list of top best free sites like SolarMovies to watch free movies online. 

But, wait! 

This is for those who don’t know what is SolarMovies actually like. 

What Is SolarMovies? 

SolarMovie is a free platform for internet users using which they can watch numerous movies, online series and other video. SolarMovie contains so many trending, newly released and also old movies which are very hard to find elsewhere on the internet. Besides those, all the contents which are on the platform are free to avail and of high quality.

It was first introduced on the web for the users who like to watch movies and web series online. Initially the site gained a lot of followers and eventually became famous. 

With addition to that, there were some legal consequences as the website lets its users to stream copyrighted contents such as movies which belonged to a certain production house. And now because of that, some country based viewers can not access the free SolarMovie site. 

No need to worry at all! We have got it covered. In this article we will be sharing informations on top best free SolarMovie Alternatives. 

How To Watch Free Movies And TV Shows From SolarMovie? 

If you are thinking that you can just login into your web browser and search SolarMovie to access it, then you are wrong. Many of the countries has blocked it due to movie copyright issues, because of which some specific country citizens can not access the website. 

But, there are still countries which allow their citizens to use the website. So, there is still a chance that you can access the Free SolarMovie Site without any restrictions for total free. Otherwise, you can use any of the free SolarMovie Proxies to access the SolarMovie Unblocked site. 

Why Are We Not Able To Access The Original SolarMovie Website? 

As you know, most of the movies sites like SolarMovie are blocked through worldwide to prevent copyright violations. So, there are some countries which do not allow their citizens to access the website by blocking ISP Client to prevent signing into the website. And there are some countries who don’t have any restrictions at all. 

So, it all depends on the country you are living in. If the country officials have blocked your ISP client to prevent users accessing the SolarMovie site, then you can’t access SolarMovie directly. But, you can always use any free/paid VPN or proxies to hide your IP address and access SolarMovie without any interruptions.

Best Alternatives / Sites Like SolarMovie To Watch Movies Online 

  • is one of the best, may be even more feature rich website than the original SolarMovie website. Most of the users who have came across both the website will say the same, because both of them are incomparable.

Fear not if the SolarMovie site is not working anymore for you. Don’t forget, there are tons of movie sites out there and you will be seeing the best 18 of them in this article. 

You know, IoMovies is my selection whenever I can’t access the SolarMovie website due to location issues. IoMovies comprises of tons of high quality movies, TV Shows which are hard to find on the web and in fact, all of them are total free to stream and download. 

  1. Rainierland

Here comes Rainierland, the 2nd website in our list. Rainierland is another website which you can access without any interruption. The website has a fair number of movies to showcase and in fact, they are very good to pass your time. 

Apart from other things, the movie website has a very nice and clear interface. The clear interface helps the users to browse through the website clearly and watch movies without any buffering or other issues. 

The great thing about the website is that it focuses on user behaviour to the extent to keep its users satisfied. The website’s user interface is built on the information they collect, so you won;;t even get a chance to complaint. 

  •      Movie4k

The website’s front banner clearly says, NEED 1080P & NO MORE BUFFERING? Well, they do exactly offer things as they mention it. 

Movie4K website offer 1080P videos to its users and that too without buffering. That also means you need to have a strong internet connection in order to view this website. Once you sign up and complete registering your account on this website, you are ready to stream endlessly on the Movie4K website. There are a lot of contents available on different genres such as action, drama, thriller and comedy etc. And we are sure that you can put any of those to watch and enjoy your precious time. 

  • Putlocker

You must have heard about this website as Putlocker is one of the most famous free movies streaming website which is available on the internet to provide entertainment to the users. 

Every movie, video or TV show on the Putlocker website is categorised as per its genre. You can find all the contents on the website beautifully arranged and up to date too. 

The interface is also very clean and easy to access. The movie website’s design is very classy and trendy too. It can also take quite a number of load when too many people are watching videos on it at the same time.

  1. Hulu

Here comes HuLu. The best ever site where you can find any kind of content you seek. HuLu showcases more than 60 live TeleVision channels, and other on demand content with different genre channels. HuLu provides Live TV streaming feature which you can access online on devices such as iOS, Android, Amazon Fire Stick, Kodi and Roku etc. There are also other devices such as XBoX 360, Google Chromecast and Nintendo Switch etc. If you are going with HuLu for movie streaming purpose, then you will be getting total 2 screens to watch, 50 GB cloud storage space to record videos which you can watch later too.



Apart from other SolarMovie alternatives, is one of a kind. The unique search feature of this specific website lets its users to watch movie categories, TV shows categories in an organised way. 

The watching procedure on this movie site is pretty simple. You just need to sign up for the website and the website will be ready for your to surf right away. Great, isn’t it? 


The is another leading free alternative of SolarMovie which has a great genre of movie and television shows. You might be bored of me saying repeatedly so many things. But, believe me, these SolarMovie alternative websites are one of a kind each. No a single website from this list can not beat another when it comes to the evaluation. 

This is why each website in this list is very much special. Make sure you go through all these website names and see which one suits your perfectly. 

  1. is a great website when it comes to have a inventory which contains movies and tv shows from all over the world. Yes, has a lot of contents all around the world. As you sign in into this website, you will see a lot of movies from most of the famous languages such as English, French, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc. 

Of course you have the freedom to download any type of the movie from the website as you want. So, freely decide whatever movie you want to watch or download from and go ahead. These are completely free, remember? 

  1. Yifi

We must admit that the YiFi website is the best website which has the latest trending and new tv shows as well as movies. If you wish to visit YiFi website right now, you can find the set of latest movies as Avengers: Endgame, Fantastic Beasts: Crimes Of Grindelwald, Creed 2, Spiderman ; Into The Spider Verse etc. 

As you can see these are the latest movies which you can access at your fingertip in seconds. They are always available to stream or download for anybody. 

  1. Haloa

If you are not into TV Shows or any kind of short videos, then Haloa Streaming website is one of the best website which you should go for. This movie streaming site has the best quality movies along with so less ads which make your streaming experience so much good. 

To be honest, the less ad you see on a website, you experience will be much good according to that. So, it is really important that you are selecting some of the best sites like SolarMovies such as Haloa. 

  1. Primewire
  2. Vumoo

As you have been searching for sites likes SolarMovie, Vumoo is one of the biggest site which provides great content as well as largest database of movies and TV shows. You can also find some great documentaries of people and places online there. 

If you are new to the site, then do not waste your time and just register in the website straightaway. You just need to register in the website and after you sign u, you can start streaming the contents online. 

Another great thing about the Vumoo website is the advertisement system of them. The advertises which show on the Vumoo website are not that much irritating and moreover the site doesn’t has any pop-up ads.  

  1. Movie4u

Movies4U is another free alternative to SolarMovie which is great in terms of watching movies and TV shows. It is also one of the most famous website which offers free contents as in sense of free high quality movies and TV shows. 

You can see many famous movies, Tv shows appearing on this website which are hard to find on the web or only accessible by only a handful of website. You can always search the Movies4U library section in order to stumble upon some great stuffs. 


So, here were the best 13 alternatives sites like SolarMovie which offer free and high quality video contents such as trending movies as well as TV shows etc. In case SolarMovie is not available in your region to watch and enjoy, you can always try watching any of the above mentioned Movie sites like SolarMovie. 

We hope that you all enjoyed our article which is about top 13 free alternatives sites like Solarmovie. Please don’t forget to share the article and in case you have any questions, shoot them right at us. We will be happy to assist you with your query.